Can I Have Different Flavours For Each Tier?

Yes, you can have each tier a different flavour. As most modern brides do not like Fruit cake, most Brides have now having their cake as dessert, (This also cuts down your cost at your reception ) or some Brides have the traditional fruit cake, either as a top tier to keep for their anniversary or christening cake.
The fruit cake can last several years stored well into and air tight container freezer.
Your choices are endless. Soft cakes do not keep for long storage up to 3 months only.
Also we do Cupcakes in 10 flavours which to be fresh cannot be made until the day before. –Chocolate, Carrot, Chocolate Mud, Banana Red Velvet, Vanilla, Lemon Poppy seed.


Margaret does a fantastic job of making and icing cakes.
I always try to sample some of her cakes at the bridal shows and admire the work she does and…

Moria Clark

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