What other items do your offer to hire?

Also for hire the following:
3 piece White Wrought Iron Bridal Archway suitable to fit a car –Suitable for your outdoor wedding or at your reception. A bond and charge is made and must paid before hiring. To be returned by two days after your wedding or event.

Silver Rodd Cake Knife:

To finish off your wedding cake at your reception, Cakes For All Occasions can offer you this service of providing you their family Knife, if your wedding venue do not have one. Knife must be returned two days after your wedding. It is your responsibility to return within the date signed for on return-if not an extra fee will now be charged.

Cake Fountain -3 parts with stand, fountain, plus adaptor:

For that something different to display your cake or cakes this may be your answer.
Must be distilled water only.


Thank you so much for your assistance with the cake. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Regards

Kaye and Amber Kampkes

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