Please download and print out our form, it will allow you to give us all the required details. Here is an update of our terms and conditions.

Your consultation is by appointment only. There is now a small fee to cover this time. This has been built in with your cake order. Please allow at least one hour of your time, where all aspects of your cake or cakes are discussed at this appointment. A wedding cake is a Labour of love, and takes many hours to create.

Please book your wedding cake AT LEAST FOUR—SIX MONTHS before your wedding date. The earlier you book your cake order the better to assist with bookings. BOOK EARLY TO AVOID YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Is very good advise.

After you have been to your cake appointment, a courtesy phone call would be appreciated if you wish to confirm your order please do so within four weeks of your appointment. If you do not wish to proceed with this cake order any further a courtesy call would be much appreciated so an other can be taken for your date.

Fruit cakes need to be made in advance before your special day. Please allow at least up to three months to allow your cake to mature other wise you will have a cake that is crumbly. The secret is the longer the cake is made, the nicer the flavour. Our recipe is a family fruit cake been used for many years. OTHER FLAVOURS NEED TO BE MADE UP TO AT LEAST ONE – TWO WEEKS AHEAD.

We will only do fruit cakes no soft cakes. If you bake your own fruit cakes we will not take any responsibility of the condition of the cake or cakes we were given.

Once a cake or cakes has been commenced from the beginning of your order And the client comes to the owner, and says you no longer require the cake or cakes for your special occasion for the date it has been made for. I regret there will be no refund made what so ever.

A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED OF 50% ON ALL CONFIRMED CAKE ORDERS. Please pay at least one week of confirmation so ingredients can be purchased. Balance of cake to be paid prior to date of wedding date or special occasion cake Date taking place.

We now regret if your wedding cake is now not paid in full before your wedding date, your cake will now not be delivered to your venue.
This is now our policy.

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