What you are thinking you’re paying for:

  • A Cake





What you’re actually paying for is :

  • A Cake
  • Someone to design your cake
  • Classes – Cake Conferences – and Cake Guild, learning special and new techniques
  • Years of practice, practice, practice!
  • The expensive tools of the trade required for high end cakes
  • Ingredients to make your cake, and icing including a cake board and candles
  • Electricity, wear and tear on Kenwood Chef Cake mixer, and wear and tear on cake tins
  • Insurance on equipment
  • Paying for registration and license
  • The hours making pieces for the cake and decorating as required by the client
  • Wear and tear on our car for shopping for bits and pieces for your cake, and delivering to the venues and home deliveries.
  • Someone with the skill and to make you happy with the end result
  • And a little left over to actually pay the mortgage loan and support my family

Does it still seem fair to expect your cake decorator to work for nothing and try and haggle down the quoted price she or he has quoted you and expect it for nothing?

Do you haggle with your hairdresser, doctor, plumber , electrician, supermarket or at your local restaurant?

Custom cakes are very much a labour of lovebut love does not pay my bills!

I would not expect my clients to work for less in their profession, so please respect myself not to work for less and please respect our prices.

Thank you for taking the time to reading this –

Much Appreciated