Daisy, Daisy, I’ve got this cake to do
I’m goin’ crazy, coz the wedding is in a day or two
I have this lovely daughter
She’s looks great, beside her ma
When they say” I do

Thursday, Friday, tomorrow is ‘the day’
I’m goin’ crazy—but I can only pray
That I get this cake completed
Before the guests are seated
But I am sure to try
So, for lunch –buy a pie!
I’ve no time to cook dinner today.

Frilling. Piping, a flower here and there
I’m goin crazy for a time –it is so near
To the hall we have to take it
With luck we might just make it.
Then I will get dressed
In my Sunday best
The bathroom –we’ll just have to share.

Faster, faster, to the church
We are on our way
The bride-she looks quite lovely
For this her special day
The groom—he looks shaky
And me—I feel quite achey!!
But the cake –it is done
Spare time—there was none
The rushing is turning me grey.

Church service, photos, then the breakfast we will eat
The food loos really ‘yummy’
But I’m glad I can get off my feet!!
Now– to cut the cake they’re now ready
With hands that look ‘quite steady’
Then away home we’ll go roam
Thank goodness—
For I’m really beat.