I deliver cakes within the Dunedin area on request from clients only. Fees do apply. Our delivery charges are on the website. All cakes MUST BE PAID FOR BEFORE DELIVERY OR PICK UP.
No cakes will not be delivered or be picked up if not paid on the due date. PAYMENT IS BY DIRECT CREDIT. THIS WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU ON CONFIRMATION OF YOUR CAKE ORDER ONLY.

Once your cake /cakes are delivered and set up at your chosen venue, the responsibility is transferred to The purchaser. All cakes must be paid for BEFORE delivery.

Yes -you can pick up your cake /cakes from the premises. Each cake will come in a cake box where possible with nonslip matting for transport. I recommend that you use a vehicle with a flat surface, or if the cake is to go on a seat PLEASE BRING WITH YOU A ROLLED TOWEL, TO PLACE UNDERNEATH so the cake isn’t sitting on an angle on the car seat.
Once the cake /cakes leave my front door, the responsibility is transferred to the purchaser.